Personal Training packages tailored to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Personal Training packages designed on an individual basis that allows you to achieve your wants and needs in the most efficient way possible.

I understand you may not have the time to train 3 times a week at the moment due to busy work schedules or lifestyles, or that you would love to but cannot afford to financially at the moment.

What you have to ask yourself is ‘How much do you want to change right now?’  If it is 100% all in YES then that is what I want in a client as I know this person is GUARANTEED to SUCCEED!

I don’t sell PT sessions, it is proven that the commitment is not there if the client can choose to drop in and out of training when they please.  You have to understand that you will not get results this way, there is no consistency and is technically a waste of money.  Why spread your investment over a year and end up with little results when you could get awesome results over a short period of time through an intense package?


I rarely offer 1-1 Personal Training packages now, due to time constraints and the investment the client needs to make.

The key to getting results is maximum commitment from the client and I achieve this by putting together a comprehensive package that is not about paying for training time.  I have set timetabled sessions during the week whereby clients are required to make the minimum number per week depending on their package.

Small Group Personal Training is where a group of 2 to people with similar goals join for a training session. It is a highly efficient way of training regularly and creates a fantastic group atmosphere for individuals to train in.

Every prospective client will go through a Transformation Session with me, during which we work out where you are right now with body stats measurements, take you through a short training session to give you a taster of how you need to train to burn body fat fast then sit down and delve into the mindset of what you want to achieve and why you have not gotten there yet.

An example of the most basic package I offer is my 12 week KickStart Transformation Package

This includes:

  • Regular body stat measurements to assess progress.
  • 3 x 45 minute fat burning, strength building small group PT sessions per week.
  • 14 day metabolism reset nutrition guide followed by a comprehensive meal plan and recipe ebook.
  • 30 days of essential supplements provided.
  • 7 day email and phone support if needed.
  • Accountability of your eating and drinking through monitored nutrition diary.
  • Access to the VIP Body Coaching Supergroup on Facebook (in development)

The investment you need to make on this 3 month package is £997 due to a very busy time of year and demand high (however compared to the equivalent for 1-1 PT at £1997 this is a steal.

If you NEED to change your body, if you NEED that help to start, if you NEED to get out of that same old fitness rut – this is the ultimate KickStart you need.  Simply hit me up via the contact button below and let’s schedule your FREE Transformation Session.