Personal Trainer Rob Foster

My name is Rob Foster, Personal Trainer, owner of Aegis Fitness and Body Transformation Expert.  Based near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, I am a fully qualified, fully insured Master Personal Trainer with PT Diploma qualifications attained from the prestigious European Institute of Fitness (EIF) at Lilleshall.  I have also collected specific strength and conditioning Certifiactions in CrossFit and British WeightLifting.

I personally train myself hard, using CrossFit  as my choice of training, always ensuring I give every session my all.  This mentality passes over to when I am in Personal Trainer mode and training a client.  I know they can all achieve what I am asking of them but sometimes they just need some encouragement to push through their barriers!  It is an amazing feeling when I help a person achieve something they never thought possible, such as completing bodyweight pullups or losing that weight they have tried desperately for years to shift.

My interest in all things fitness has been lifelong and really took full effect once I joined the Royal Marines almost 10 years ago.  I trained hard for 8 months to successfully pass the arduous ‘Commando Course’ and then go on to serve for almost a decade around the globe on frontline combat operations.  Why am I telling you this?

Personal Trainer Rob Foster
Personal Trainer Rob Foster

Well, the ethos instilled in Recruits during Commando Training has meant that I have forged skills absent in a PT without a Military background.  These include unconditional determination to succeed whether that be in my personal life or through making sure a client not only reaches their goals but far exceeds them.  And among possessing the ‘Commando Spirit’ of courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity, I also encompass the whole Royal Marines ethos of upholding professional standards, adaptability, fortitude and unity, among other attributes.

So, in short by undertaking my unique Personal Training programs you will be giving yourself the best possible opportunity to achieve that dream body you have always wanted.  It isn’t hard, you just need the right support to get there.

Why Aegis Fitness?

The Philosophy behind my training methods.

I am much more than just a Personal Training business. I offer clients more than just fitness instruction and program writing. I offer bespoke training packages that encompass fitness training, nutrition coaching, motivation and client support and my philosophy breeds great results.

With Aegis Fitness, the training you receive will get you results and this I can guarantee.  You will get body transformation if you follow my advice and training, but if you feel you do not achieve the results we set out together in your initial consultation, I will train you for free until you do!

I am that confident you will get results, I can offer you this amazing guarantee!

The meaning of Aegis.

ae-gis / ejis /

The protection, backing or support of a particular person.
Doing something ‘under someones aegis’ means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable or benevolent source.
Armour plating that protects the wearer.
An attribute of Zeus, usually represented as a shield.
The definitions above can be related to personal training in such a way that symbolises the services I offer and the philosophy I endeavor to uphold.

By undergoing training by Aegis Fitness, you will have our ongoing support through various media applications and have the protection of being taken through correct exercise techniques to avoid injury by a highly qualified personal trainer. It is this training that will ultimately build your strength and fitness to protect your body from disease and the rigueurs of everyday life!

The simplified shield design in my logo represents these determining factors.

Aegis Fitness – ‘ More Than Just Personal Training ‘